Fire Chief/Police Officer Doug Faber Injured

At approximately 5:45 AM on Friday, May 27, 2016, Ringwood Police Officer Doug Faber was dispatched to a report of a tree down on Greenwood Lake Turnpike in the area of Action Auto. Upon arrival, Officer Faber, who is also the SLFD Fire Chief, found a tree down entirely blocking the northbound lane of traffic. When attempting to move the tree out of the roadway, more of the tree fell, narrowly missing Officer Faber as he ran to avoid being struck. Unfortunately, Officer Faber still suffered lacerations to his head from some of the branches, which required 13 stitches, as well as a broken wrist. We wish our Fire Chief a speedy recovery and are thankful that this didn't end differently! Police dash camera footage of the incident was provided by the Ringwood Police Department to numerous media sources. To see the dash camera footage, click the link here provided by CNN News.