Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention week is held annually in the month of October. SLFD participates in fire safety education at the local schools during this week. We hope to see you at the schools again during Fire Prevention Week and the week after with our Fire Safety Trailer!

Ringwood Fire Prevention Success Story
On the morning of December 4, 2013 at approximately 4:30 AM, Ringwood Fire Departments were dispatched to a Stonetown Road home for a reported structure fire. First arriving Chief 260 confirmed a working fire and requested a second alarm assignment upon arrival. Fortunately, all the occupants of the home were found to be safe and it was later discovered why. Vincent Rende, a 9 year old boy living at the home, was woken up by a smell of smoke in the home. Using his knowledge learned through Ringwood Fire Prevention efforts, he alerted the other members of his family who were able to safely evacuate the home. Vincent was a student of ours who attends Peter Cooper Elementary School. Vincent was made an honorary firefighter of Ringwood Volunteer Fire Company #1 (Stonetown Fire Company) and was recognized for his efforts at the February 2014 Ringwood Borough Council meeting. Excellent job Vincent and we wish you and your family all the best! See the attached link for more information on this story.

Here is a picture of Asst. Chief’s Vehicle 255 with our fire safety trailer during
Fire Prevention Week in October 2013 at E.G. Hewitt School.

We had some very smart students at this school who remembered quite a lot about fire safety from our previous visits.

We look forward to meeting with all of the students again in October!