Fire Safety Trailer

Our Fire Safety Trailer is used mainly during Fire Prevention Week every year in October to teach children at the local Ringwood schools about fire safety in their homes. We first take students through our kitchen, then our living room, and finally our bedroom. Students then evacuate our home via a ladder outside of our bedroom window and return to their meeting place which is determined prior to entering our “house”.

Take this moment to ask yourself: do you have a meeting place? If so, where is it? If not, where should it be? If you don’t know how to answer, we are confident one of our students would be able to help you out!

Our Fire Safety Trailer is not only used in Ringwood, but also in surrounding towns like Greenwood Lake, NY, Pompton Lakes, and Oakland for their fire prevention activities as well. If you would like to use our trailer, it is available year-round to rent for private events as well. For information on renting our Fire Safety Trailer, please call the firehouse at
973-835-4797 and leave a message.