Our History

Early in 1965, the Skyline Lake Firehouse was manned by volunteer residents of the Skyline Lake area of Ringwood. These volunteers were made members of Ringwood Borough Volunteer Fire Co. #1 located in Stonetown. Later in that same year, the members who were from the Skyline Lake area split away from Ringwood Co. #1 and the Skyline Lake Department was formed and incorporated. The department consisted of a small bay firehouse in which a 1953 International 750 GPM pumper with a John Bean high pressure pump was housed. The department also owned a 1937 Ahrens Fox pumper that was housed at the homes of various firemen because the firehouse could barely fit one piece of apparatus. Meetings were held inside the firehouse by parking the pumper outside and during the winter months the pumper was run so that the tank water would not freeze.

In October 1965, a ground breaking ceremony was held for the construction of a firehouse hall that is located behind and below the original firehouse. The land was donated to the department by Gus Williams. The hall was dedicated in December 1967 and was also used to house the 1937 Ahrens Fox pumper. The new hall was used to raise money by having Bingo once a week for seven years in addition to many dances and dinners. The department purchased a Mack pumper from Pompton Falls Fire Co. #3 in Wayne in 1968. This apparatus replaced the Ahrens Fox pumper. A Chevrolet utility van was purchased in 1970 and was used as a rescue apparatus. The "Jaws of Life" extrication tool was added in 1971. The new addition of a three bay firehouse was completed in 1972 that housed all of the fire apparatus that the department had purchased.

The department purchased it's first new pumper in 1973. The pumper had a 750 GPM pump and also a John Bean high pressure pump on a Ford chassis.

Tragedy struck the department on June 17, 1978, while on a brush fire call. Lt. Robert Jenkin was killed when he and two fellow firemen were hit by a car.

The Borough of Ringwood purchased a 1979 American La France Century 1500 GPM pumper and a American La France Stinger brush apparatus for the department. This replaced the 1957 Mack pumper and the 1970 Chevrolet Rescue Van which was given to the police department. The John Beam pumper was replaced in 1987 when the Borough of Ringwood purchased an American La France Century 2000, a 1500 GPM pumper.

Finally in 1996, a new Pierce Rescue replaced the Stinger brush truck which was being used by the department as a Rescue vehicle. Ironically, it was planned out by four Chiefs over eight years before delivery.

Skyline Lake Fire Department was organized in 1965 with charter members led by Chief William Pasco and President Howard Horsford. Today, the department has over 40 active volunteer members being led by Chief Jim Henderson and President James Frattini.